Too sick to cook. Oh, well…

Bowl of hard-earned chicken soup.

Bowl of hard-earned chicken soup.

I really was too sick to cook this past week. Barely got out of bed on Thursday, but the dear husband was out of town on Friday. So, I dragged my germy butt out of bed and began to rummage through the kitchen for something besides sugary cereal and miso soup for my little one and me to eat.

No luck.

The good thing about buying good, fresh veg, raw meats and lovely cheeses, as well as making many of your own pastas, breads and snacks is that I control much of what goes into my family’s collective tummy. Less preservatives. Less freezer burn.

The bad thing? No frozen crap available to nuke when Mom is sick.

And Bethy’s idea of cooking is pulling some graham crackers out of the snack drawer. Bless her.

So, since there were 4 pounds of chicken thighs waiting to be cooked in my ‘fridge and I was always told to feed a cold – I propped myself up on the kitchen stool and got to work. First, boiled the chicken thighs until nearly done. Cooled those suckers and then picked the meat off. I dumped almost all of the water out of the pot – but I did reserve about 4 cups. I decided to make this “broth like” to keep my cough to a minimum. No cream of chicken soup was to be found in my cupboard, anyway.

Chicken went in.
A can of carrots.
A can of ‘schrooms.
Leftover peas.
The kernels from two frozen ears of corn.
A little salt and pepper.
And I threw in a stock cube to make sure it was nice and salty.

Now, originally, I found a half box of wheat pasta in the pantry and planned to throw that in. Simple, right? But, when I ventured to the pantry to dig out the stock cubes – darn if I didn’t see that box of “baking mix” on the baking shelf. I could suddenly see those fluffy little clouds of bread-y goodness melting in my mouth (had to visualize it, couldn’t actually taste anything at this point of my cold). So, once the veg and the chicken pieces got nice and happy in their hot tub (did I mention that my cough medicine has codeine in it?) I threw together the recipe for drop biscuits on the back of the box. Threw those in. I happily watched them puff up. Flipped those dudes over and let them finish cooking.

A few minutes later, I was the proud owner of a large mixing bowl full of Pantry Dump Chicken Soup. And, hey, it wasn’t too bad. I think. But, hey, I stayed upright for about 30 minutes to accomplish my task. And, even though my toddler refused to share in my bounty – preferring cheese and crackers –  the warmth, salt and protein got me through a very long Friday.

Unfortunately, the cold medicine also got me. I fell asleep far too early and spaced it off, leaving the “leavins” on the stove. So, the dogs got a very nice Saturday morning breakfast!


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