MMM – Media Alert Monday: Polyvore

Heard on NPR this morning: allows Web fashionistas to express style; change fashion is the link. The actual radio broadcast was very interesting, worth a listen to the announcer talking about the metrics that this Web site can grab from its users and how fashion designers (once a rather unruly group that did not like to be told how to design) are starting to listen.

Very interesting report that shows a very important connection between two arenas you may never have expected!

Click on over and check it out. Definitely give this one a listen and then make your own Polyvore fashion collage. My first attempt is below, featuring designs from some of my favorites – old fave DVF and new favorite Issa (neither of which I can afford, by the way). I think I’ll have to visit this site often – they even have interior design options.

P.S. Check out the ads that you drag in with your image – very clever. I wonder what percentage Net-a-porter and others pay for their click-throughs? Good site all around for Web professionals to follow. Wish I’d thought of that!

I think I should title this image: “Mom can dream, right?”

569 EUR –
Ballet dress »

Christian Louboutin Patent Pump
$595 –
Patent leather shoes »

Mulberry bags BLACK
914 GBP –
Oversized bags »



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