I could possibly be in love…

I read the premiere issue of High Gloss magazine cover-to-cover twice this week — hey, I’m snowed in and the magazine is absolutely beautiful. I almost forgot this morning started out below zero with wind chills in the negative 20s.

Gorgeous magazine notwithstanding, I may have fallen in love. And I’m certain I’m the only one in my family that will like them…There they were, on page 135. Starck Ghost stools.

Yes, I realize they are ridiculously marked up, clear, plastic (acrylic) kitchen stools. But, I love them. So, a pair of knockoffs might just become mine when I repaint/refresh my kitchen into a more neutral color scheme than bright orange and olive green. (It’s really pretty, I promise, just not very neutral/selling-friendly.) Or, since I have no seating in my kitchen, they might be a reward for a month well-blogged. We’ll see.

First, let me state that this image did not come from the lovely High Gloss. Aside from the stools glory themselves, this picture is a bit off-putting. If I hadn’t seen them in the glam setting before, I might not be “sold.”

Ghost stools

Ghost stools, a "Bettino" not Starck version. (For us poor folks.)

Love. Love. Love.


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