Shrimp Sauce from Dean & DeLuca – yum

Lovely, light shrimp dinner.

Lovely, light shrimp dinner.

I’ve mentioned before that I used to have the pleasure of working for Dean & DeLuca. If you receive their catalogs or visit their Web site, you’ve probably read some of the copy I wrote for them during my corporate days. One advantage of working there was the proximity to the warehouse – I could place an order and pick it up at 4 p.m. (almost as good as living down the street from one of their fabulous NYC stores). But another was the chance to try products out in my kitchen.

I love Vietnamese food. (If you live within 100 miles of Wichita, you HAVE to come try Saigon at about 10th and Broadway, by the way, order # 45 and you’ll be in foodie heaven for a very small price! I’ll post more on them someday, as I digress…) Anyway, when I saw this marinade from the chefs at D&D, I had to try it. It’s been in fairly heavy roatation around the Henshall house since…

I picked up a cheap bag of peeled and cooked frozen shrimp from Aldi ($3.99 for a big bag), plunked them in a bowl and poured the sauce over all. A bit of plastic wrap to cover and into the fridge it went. The next evening, everything was thawed and flavorful, so I fired up the rice cooker with some good-smelling Basmati rice (oldest daughter’s favorite) and popped the bowl of shrimp into the microwave for about two minutes. Plate the cooked rice, spoon generous portions of the shrimp on top – and you have a glamorous-looking, professional-tasting meal that will make you look like an Iron Chef hero. Inexpensive ingredients for the most part – but they are all pulled together to make a great, light dinner.


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