Great interior design blog and resource

A group of friends and I were chatting recently about wallpaper and killer designer fabrics for interior design. I am a big fan of wallpaper, but my husband is not. So, small corners, alcoves and feature walls of incredible wallpaper are on my radar as I spend some time working on our home over the next year. It’s a compromise, but then we will have tons of paper leftover. So I mentioned how I wished that someone would sell half-used rolls of great wallpaper that is chic right now – like Imperial Trellis in Charcoal (need half a roll anyone got one to sell?), because what am I going to do with a double roll?

Well, I recently ran across this blogger. A designer and gal with a great eye for color, Shannon Darby is cleaning out her storage spaces and ridding herself of exactly what I want – small pieces of fabric for pillows and lampshades, partial rolls of wallpaper, and sometimes matching sets of both.

If you’re looking for that “pop of color” that the designers on HGTV are always talking about? Check her out at


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