Fudgey Church Crackers

Pouring the mix over the saltines.

Pouring the mix over the saltines.

Another item that I picked up from the Riverlawn cookbook and now make occasionally for potlucks and events. Our beloved minister, Charley Greer, who is retired now -and his wife would bring this treat to most potluck dinners. The kids would attack and it would be gone in short order!

2 sticks margarine (just about the only time you’ll hear me say “use margarine”)
1 cup of sugar
1 pkg peanut butter chips
1 pkg chocolate chips
Saltine crackers

Spread crackers in a single layer in a full sheet pan. I would line it with parchment paper to reduce mess later. Boil margarine and sugar together for two minutes. Add chips and mix, turning off the burner/heat. Pour mixture over the crackers and spread to cover evenly. Cut or break apart – or do as Judy did, just deliver it in a lovely chocolatey chunk, right in the pan, and let the kids cut their own pieces with a sturdy butter knife.


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