Ready, steady, paint!

Okay, we’ve been thinking about a master bedroom redo for years. Since we moved in, actually. I’ve never been happy with it. We’ve lived with the beige (although it was a sloppy, one-coat job over hot pink and the room has become more pink over the years) and put a beige and white toile and gingham check with it. It was nice but blah. Then I found a fantastic brown and blue set – but it just didn’t work for us, see below.

bedroom circa 2008

It’s now been pieced apart and put into my eldest daughter’s room, along with my grandmother’s bedroom set. She will need a vanity and a place to sit and do her hair and makeup much more than I will over the coming years. I just hope big hair isn’t in style again – I’m not sure Nanny’s furniture can stand another teen and that much hairspray buildup! Slowly, since these photos were taken in 2008, we’ve changed things. The carpet is gone, leaving lovely hardwoods that need redone (a task scheduled a bit out, we can live with some stains for now!) A black armoire gives us storage. Two matching, smaller black dressers serve us well, and may double as nightstands, allowing me to put an easy chair in for a reading nook someday. We have a wrought-iron headboard that I now hate, which should probably find its way out to the garden to grow beans upon…

But it took us a while to settle on a color scheme. I posted these photos out on Rate My Space eons ago to get ideas, but mostly people couldn’t see past the (necessary!) playpen and our photos and knick-knacks. I am not big on a LACK of knick-knacks to be honest. Doesn’t everyone have little photos, vases, mementos and things that mean something to them? If I can’t have the jam jar that my little one decorated with tissue paper to create the world’s most beautiful vase sitting on a shelf next to a photo of my grandmother and other beloved items – well, heck, I think I might as well be living in a model home and not a real home. But, then, I want my home to be homey and personable as well as pretty.

Oh, image of “cluttered” mantel –

mantel area

Anyway, we finally settled on a black and white damask print. Found a lovely bedding set at Sears for nothing last summer. Wallpaper to match in the fall. Black simple curtains over Christmas. Some cool lights at KMart during a trip to buy some Martha Stewart goodies. I need to order a plain white duvet from IKEA, as I think I’ll use the coverlet with the pattern at the foot of the bed, as more of an accent. Wouldn’t want to damage the dear husband’s manliness with too much girlie-ness, after all. The trim is going to be high gloss white. The walls a deep grey/blue/periwinkle. Very soothing. Very dark. Very scary. It will take a lot of Kilz to get rid of it if we change our minds!

Oh, and the piece I love the most? I cannot wait until the ceiling is painted so this can go in. Purchased with a gift card from my mother (thanks, Mom!) from I think it will be the thing that pulls the entire room together.


So, wish us luck as we begin to really tear into this paint project. We really kinda hate painting. But during these tough last few years our house has been neglected. 2010 is the year our historic house is going to shine again!


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