Don’t fear the cabbage! St. Pat’s edition

REPOST from February. I really should have saved this recipe to post today, originally, as it’s St. Patrick’s Day! So, if you haven’t seen it or if you need something a bit different to go along with tonight’s corned beef and green beer – give this cabbage recipe a try. It is so rich and good, it will convert almost all the cabbage-haters!
The fried cabbage is almost ready to serve.

The fried cabbage is almost ready to serve.

I’m the only cabbage fan in the house, aside from the guinea pig. Since she will eat the core and I get the rest, I needed to find just the right recipe. So, I pulled out the 100-year-old cast iron skillet that belonged to my Great-grandmother, Etta, and made some old-fashioned (and fattening) fried cabbage. This is my elderly Aunt Bonnie’s recipe – we call her the world’s oldest junk food junkie so that might give you a sense of how yummy and rich this dish really  is. If that doesn’t clue you in, maybe the bacon and heavy whipping cream will.

Fried cabbage
You will need:
-head of cabbage
-heavy whipping cream
-salt and pepper to taste

Begin by heating some butter in your skillet, once it melts add some bacon that you’ve chopped into about 1-inch pieces. Once the bacon has begun to cook well, add in the chopped onion and cook until the bacon is done and the onion translucent.

At this point, you’ll want to add in handfuls of your shredded cabbage, turning it over and over in the skillet to coat with the pan drippings and bacon. As it wilts and cooks, continue to add more cabbage. When the cabbage has wilted and reduced a bit, add in at least a cup of heavy cream. I like a lot of sauce/cream in my cabbage and I soak it up with cornbread, so I use more, but at least a cup will get you started. Add salt and some pepper to taste.

Simmer for about 10-15 minutes and serve hot, preferably with some tasty Jiffy Cornbread.


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