Falling in love again…

I’ve fallen in love again, dear foodies. It’s with an old flame that used to keep me cool all summer and left many a stain on my mother’s living room rug — Kool Aid!



After seeing the ads on television for the Kool Aid Fun Fizz, I thought it might be fun to pick up a package or two for the girls. They loved it and upon trying it, I did, too! The fruit punch, I can live without, but the lemonade is light, sweet and fresh.

And, since it’s Lent and we gave up soda for the season – I can bribe them with a bit of Kool-Aid “fizz” instead. So far, so good, as it seems to be working.

The best part? I don’t have to keep a giant pitcher of the stuff in my ‘fridge, we just make it a glass at a time and there’s plenty of room left instead. I wouldn’t call it cheap, especially compared to a pitcher-filling packet of regular Kool Aid. But, sometimes you just can’t put a price on things like space in the ‘fridge or freezer!

$1.99 for a pack. But, www.afullcup.com  frequently has links for coupons! And Amazon.com has mega packs, as well.


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